Shanon Beauty Magnet Eyelash 4 Pairs 2 Types

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It can be used over and over without glue. New false eyelashes that use the upper and lower sides of your own eyelashes with a magnet. The ultra-fine hair that creates a delicate eye, complete with natural yet voluminous eyelashes. It can be easily put on and off, hence it is recommended for beginners with false eyelashes and those who are not good at glue. How to use: Use the supplied eyelid master to fix the lower false eyelashes and fix them under the eyelashes. Grab the upper false eyelashes with your fingers and place it on your own eyelashes, and pinch your own eyelashes between the magnets. Install for the center in the same way, and press the eyelid side with the tip of the eyelid master for doing. When removing, remove the upper and lower magnets with your fingers.

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