Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection Brown 5G

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It is a mascara that finishes in a beautiful eyelash with a high degree of perfection with powerful keeping power that does not blur even over time. Adopted a special brush with a rounded tip. Lift eyelashes firmly, pulling out natural curling power. It is a slim brush with a small turning, the part that is difficult to paint such as the eyetrack and the lower eyelash also catches without leaving. Excellent quick-drying property, making eye makeup quickly. Double proof prescription strong against sebum as well as water, sweat, tears. With waterproof and oil proofing two functions, it prevents bleeding powerfully and keeps the beauty just made. In addition, it realizes a water cleansing prescription that can be dropped easily with warm water. Sweat and sebum repelling mascara membranes loose immediately when wet with lukewarm water, can be dropped with a sled only by pinching gently with your fingers. It is an advanced mascara that sticks to powerful sustainability and gentleness to eyelashes. How to use: After curling the eyelashes with a buzzer, etc, apply mascara liquid from the base of the eyelash towards the tip, lifting it.

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