Uv Sun Block Spf 50+ Pa+++ 70Ml 2 Types

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Snail: This light cream spreads gently onto skin and blocks UV to minimize skin irritation and leaves skin supple and healthy. It contains herbal extract and snail secretion filtrate which keep skin glossy and smooth as sunscreen. In everyday life , as well as ultraviolet rays, leisure, sports and outdoor activities for a long time. The skin is transparent from strong ultraviolet rays. It is a UV protection product that protects you healthily. Whitening: Jigott Whitening UV Sun Block protects skin from intense UV rays in everyday life, leisure, sports and other long hour outdoor activities for a clearer and healthier skin. Contains whitening ingredients, SPF 50+ can prevent UV damage, can provide moisture and nutrition . Keep the skin moist and moist, prevent dry and cover the smallpox. Feel moist and not greasy is not sticky, can brighten the skin, to reach the perfect effect of bare makeup. How to use: Use toner, lotion, essence, apply the sunscreen evenly. Pack Size - 70ml

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