Astablanc Age Sensation Mask 6 Pcs

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A concentrated aging care mask that leads to lively and firm skin. The discerning double sheet makes a close fit so that the slack is raised, and it fits perfectly to each person's face. Beauty ingredients including high concentration of astaxanthin S (S: squalane, moisturizing) formulated by lift sensation penetrates heavy into the stratum corneum. 10 minutes easy care leads to firm skin. How to use: Use on clean skin after cleansing. Remove the mask from the bag and gently spread the knob with your right hand. In that state, place it on the face according to the position of your eyes, and touch it with your nose and brace. Then hold the side of your nose and the lips, hold the cheeks. Pull up one side at a time, and stack the sheets firmly to bring them into close contact. After about 10 minutes, peel off the mask and apply the remaining liquid on your skin with your palm.

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