Code-Derm Capsule Cleansing Water Refill Only 200Ml (3 Types) Gentle

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A no-wash cleansing water with patent ingredient - Celtic Water from France cleanses off extra fine dust and irritants, leaving the skin clear and purified. It comes in 3 types: 1. Gentle: Gently soothes and relieves redness due to uv rays and Extra fine dust. Suitable for Sensitive Skin Type. 2. Clearing: Regulates skin's oil and moisture balance, control excessive sebum. Suitable for Combination Skin Type. 3. Hydration: Replenishes important moisture after cleansing, to reduce dryness and the tight feeling. Suitable for Dry Skin Type. How to use: 1. Apply right amount on cotton pad, gently apply from inside to outside along the skin structure to remove makeup and dead cells. 2. Rinse off with lukewarm when necessary.

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