Remedial Treatment Mint & Lemon Refill 300Ml

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Approach to the head and scalp-aging and postpartum hair loss trouble. It is a soft and lathering shampoo that is kind to hair and scalp. Scalp environment leads to healthy hair. Hair growth, for hair growth [keeping the scalp clean] [promotion of blood circulation] is an important point. The first step is to use a scalp shampoo and scalp treatment to ensure a healthy scalp environment. Lin Ren Remedial Mint & Lemon is a sculpline that takes advantage of the power of plants, which is different from the traditional medicinal hair care concept. Combine cool licorice (glycyrrhizinate dipotassium) dokudami Mitsuishi kelp, etc suitable for scalp improvement and enjoy cool. Fresh smell of Japanese sum mint from Hokkaido and lemon from Ehime receive. For those who want to take care in advance: For those with hair thinning / For those suffering from postpartum hair loss. Recommended for those who are concerned about dandruff and kayumi. How to use: After shampooing, take a suitable amount of lightly moistened hair and blend in with the entire hair. After a few minutes, rinse well.

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